Travelling times...

Early morning, sunrise over Lake Taupo, New Zealand

Travel... broadens the mind so some say and to broaden one's horizons is never a bad thing is what I say. Since meeting Jackie, we have visited quite a few places; the USA, Italy, Iceland, Romania, Taiwan, Spain New Zealand and Australia are just some. It's a big wide world and our aim to is see as many places as we physically can in our remaining years.
This page is a partial journal of some of the places I have visited in the past few years, usually with my dear wife, Jackie who loves to travel as much as I do. As it grows, the journal will be ordered chronologically, with the most recent adventure first, to our first adventure in 2003 being the last in the list. Keep coming back to see if the journal has any recent additions - I've got a lot of trips to record on here!