An enquiring mind...

Needs Projects... keep it active. As a trained and practicing designer for the most part of my working life, I found the most fulfilment in solving problems, coming up with ideas, exploring techniques and developing new skills. Gardening has been one of them (hence the allotment) but that has led in turn to interesting ideas and projects, as has photography, woodworking, model making, cycling and in recent years 3D printing. This part of my site is a small record of some of the things that have or continue to interest me and how my efforts have borne fruit - or not over the years. If you have any comments, knowledge or insights on any of them, I would be interested to know. Get in touch using the form on the Home page. 

Domes and other growing ideas

Quite a few of my ideas and woodwork projects have come out of allotment work, mainly stemming from a twin desire to both save money and where possible improve upon the accepted 'wisdoms' of allotmenteering.
One of the main ones in recent years was the design and build of several 'poly domes' as an alternative to a polytunnel. 

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Mods and Restorations

I hate throwing things away - so I guess that makes me a hoarder - but like my father before me I keep many things on the basis that 'it may come in handy'. I also have a keen interest in new technologies and the possibilities of 'repurposing' something that may have past its original use into something newer and hopefully better. 


Designs, ideas and other things...

This section is a bit of a miscellany. I will look to catalogue some of my creative work over the years, including photography, graphic design from a career spanning over 40 years and just some musings on things I am probably never going to get round to - or just have a passion for; old cars, The Prisoner, eclectic music etc. etc. etc.