Below are the lists of tasks for the course. Each one of them is a Step by Step set of instructions or information that should be easyto follow if you want to work at your own pace. The Paintshop Pro tasks are listed in roughly the kind of order you should be following to steadily increase your skills using the program. If you are unsure of anything in the tasks, please ask the tutor for help and guidance. More tasks will be added as the course progresses.

Important - using the sample images
All of the sample images used in the Step by Step tasks are available from this web page: click here. Please read the instructions on the web page about how to download them to your PC to work on them.

The Course Introduction Page is now here

The Paintshop Pro Tasks
The Paintshop Pro XI workspace
Opening and saving images
Rotating and flipping images
Image Sizes
Resizing Images
Cloning and Layers 1
Selections - simple techniques - masking
Selections - complex and multiple selections
Layer modes - Using 'Multiply' to saturate an image
Layer modes - Using 'Screen' to lighten an image
An alternative to 'Screen', using Gamma
Simple one step effects in Paintshop Pro
Image noise or artefacts
Making a simple montage
Try this second simple montage for practice
Sharpening: Unsharp Mask and High Pass Sharpen
Using Blur creatively
Using Adjustment Layers
Putting some techniques together - making the
Raven and the Abbey image
Sessions 9 and 10 - Time to practice your skills. Try these tasks using some of the techniques used so far:

Task 1: Watermarking, using type, embossing and opacity
Task2: Simple montage, using 3 images from this web site.
Time to practice your skills

Taking pictures: info and tasks
Photography's beginnings - The Camera Obscura
What makes a good photograph?
Digital Cameras - the main types 
Image file types - a short primer
What is White Balance? See this link
Tips on taking Portraits - also see this link
Tips on wedding and group photos - use this link
Tips on landscape and holiday photography - try this site
Tips on sports photography - Bob Martin's site
High Pass Sharpening - more information here
Irfanview - How to make Contact Sheets
Taking pictures - using EV exposure settings
Calibrating your monitor and printer for better print

Some useful site links - more to follow

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