This short course over five two hour sessions, is designed to show you useful information and techniques for enhancing your digital images, which you have taken with your digital camera. The course consists of useful information about digital images and working with them generally as well as easy to follow tasks using Gimpshop.

Learners might be interested in downloading Gimpshop from here - its free to use. Gimpshop is a version of the well known free opensource imaging application 'The Gimp', redsigned to make it look and feel similar to Photoshop, but be aware, that this software does have a few bugs and may crash on occasion. Persevere with it though and you will be rewarded with some fine images.

Below is a brief outline of the course, session by session. Click on the links below to be taken to the information pages or tasks. Please feel free to request topics or tasks that you are interested in if they are not listed.

Session 1

Enrolment and Logins - follow the tutor's instructions
Do this short quiz
Introduction to course
Sample images used on the course
The Gimpshop Workspace
Opening an image, rotating an image and saving an image

Session 2

Bring in your camera week! Bring in your images too.
Common image faults - can you spot them?
About digital cameras
Resizing Images - probably the most important picture editing you'll do
Making evidence prints

Session 3

Practical Session
Using the Clone Tool
Using layers and layer modes
Try this layer mode to enhance an underexposed image

Session 4

Practical Session
First Task: Image Sizes. Pete will provide you with four image files. Your task is find out what size(s) in pixels and print size they are, resize them to @ 4" x 3" at 150 pixels per inch and then put them on an evidence sheet, captioning the images with the information you have found.
Then try these instant fixes for common image faults:
Perspective correction
Making a Sepia toned image

Taking pictures - some hints and tips - have a look at this site

Session 5

Course Review and Close
Useful links - The ten best links for amateur photographers?

Extra tips and tricks - ask your tutor if there is something you are interested in doing.

Image Saving and Archiving - are you confident with this? Try the File Management Tutorials - Please note, these only work in Internet Explorer.

Feedback Form - if your tutor doesn't provide you with a copy please open this, print it out, fill it in and hand it to your tutor. Thank you.

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