The File Management Tutorials

How good is your file management? It's a fundamental part of using any computer but most people never get to grips with it properly. Below are links to three tutorials and a short quiz that might be helpful.

IMPORTANT. For technical reasons, these tutorials can only be viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer, if you are running Firefox or any other browser, please copy this URL: , open IE separately and paste the URL into the address bar to get to the tutorial pages.

Note also that you may need to have the Flash or Shockwave Player installed. It can be downloaded from here

Please read these notes on using the tutorials before you start:

Starting1. When you open the pages, you will probably get the warning message about running Active Content (the yellow bar at the top of the browser window). Please right click on the bar and choose 'Allow Blocked Content'.   Slideshow Mode2. The tutorials are best viewed as full screen slideshows - left click on the 'Slide Show' button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen .
Active content message3. Before the full screen version starts, you will see a blank screen! There is another message at the top about running ActiveX content. Click on it to 'Allow Blocked Content' again.   Navigation4. To navigate throuh the slide show(s) left click on screen to advance. The forward and back buttons at the bottom of the screens can be used to navigate through the slides.
Go to the first tutorial Click here for the first Windows File Management tutorial
Go to the second files tutorial Click here for the Save and Save As tutorial
Go to the third files tutorial Click here for the Common File Actions tutorial

Go to the Quiz Test your learning - do the Mini Quiz here