C&G Web Design - Unit 035

Below is the Scheme of Work for this 15 week (30 guided learning hours) course for the City and Guilds 7266 - 035 Designing and Creating Multi Page Web Sites - Level 2 Award.

Please Note: This Scheme of Work has been revised for 2009 to be delivered as a 15 week course. If you wish to view the old SOW (20 week course) and use any part of it please use this link.

If you do have any queries please email me.

More page links to session resources will be added as the course progresses

Week 1 Course introduction, Logins, Beginning site evaluation and planning
Week 2

'How to Design a Website' - The Pixel Grid, Colours, Type and Images   
Visualising web pages using Powerpoint. The Five Golden Rules of web site design - read this!

Week 3 Start web site project 1 - The Area Bulgaria Site
Fast track into Dreamweaver - a project in pairs/groups - building the AreaBulgaria site and Instructions
Homework - do the research task
Week 4 Preparing images for web sites - session 1  
Web images primer. Using Fireworks, rotating and resizing images. Cropping, flip, mirror. Save for web.
Continuing the AreaBulgaria site.
Week 5 Preparing images for web sites - session 2
Making buttons, transparent GIF's and PNG files, making an animated GIF image.
Completing, reviewing and checking the AreaBulgaria site.
Converting pages to tabular layout - example
Rollover Buttons - how to set them up in Dreamweaver
Week 6 Finish AreaBulgaria Site - New Site Project: GetMyCarClean
The project brief
Planning and page visuals - this is a complete practice task you could do in your own time before the Mock Assessment (optional).
Sources of content. Planning task (see above). Copyright task.
Self study - Preparing images for Web Sites - 3  Making a multi layered banner image
Week 7 New site project - week 1
Plan and Design web pages. Make resources (buttons etc.) Make site page(s) template.
Practical task - adding Metatags to your template - these are a required part of the Assessment
Week 8 New site project - week 2
Build site using template page.
Practical task - setting up Cascading Style Sheets - for text. Not obligatory for the Assessment, but a key skill that will assist you in completing it successfully.
Practical task - changing default Link colours
Week 9 Mock Assessment - Week 1   The Brief Produce page 'Storyboards'. Create resources
Week 10 Mock Assessment - Week 2   Finish resources. Plan site build
Week 11

Mock Assessment - Week 3   Build the four page site. - timed session

Week 12 Final Assessment Week 1. Draw page storyboards and site map. Plan content.
Week 13 Final Assessment Week 2. Finish Storyboards and creating resources. Marking and feedback.
Week 14 Final Assessment - Week 3. Final site build - timed session.
Week 15 Second opportunity for timed session site build - if required. Review and Feedback
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